What is Grabbus?!

Grabbus is an experimental genre-mash game project
created by Mr. Sanders, an artist/programmer with 20+ years of design experience.

  • Battle enemies and fuse items and weapons in random dungeons littered across the infinite world map.
  • Meet and foster a reputation with an assortment of fellow trapped rats as you explore a weird world controlled and inhabited by mysterious creatures...
  • Collect resources to construct and defend your custom-built base that permanently upgrades your abilities and allows you to find more rewarding and difficult challenges further afield. 
  • "Potency" system scales power for all things in the game and allows you to challenge ever-harder areas indefinitely while also slowly adjusting the experience to your skill level!

Item Fusion

Fuse any two weapons or items to find unexpected,  powerful combinations.
Fuse judiciously to clear your limited inventory space and get the most out of your loot!

Evolving Enemies

Enemies are composed of a variety of pieces that give them different abilities or behaviors. Some foes even fuse together when threatened to become more dangerous!
(And drop better loot!)

Don't Call It a Dungeon

Each random "dungeon" is composed of a combination of themes,  obstacles, and gimmicks.
Travel to one on the world map to see what silly (or harrowing) challenges await!